Tapestry Pooling for faster COVID-19 testing

Our novel Tapestry Pooling algorithm provides confirmed results of greater number of samples in a single round of testing, increasing throughput and using less resources whereas the traditional COVID-19 testing methods are severely limited in their throughput and capacity.

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Tapestry Pooling

The available technology of pooling samples for COVID-19 detection requires two rounds of testing and remains expensive, technically challenging and labour intensive. We present Tapestry, a novel smart pooling scheme to quantitatively test many samples using fewer tests. The Tapestry pooling algorithm assigns individual samples into multiple pools. Based on the results of each pool, the algorithm predicts the samples that are positive for COVID-19.

  • Get results with single-round testing

  • Test more samples in every round

  • Save on testing kits, labware and reagents

  • Can tolerate prevalence rates of up to 20%

  • Enables and boosts robotic-assisted high throughput testing

  • Assisted by well-crafted experimental scheme

  • User-friendly web app for your convenience


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Scientists say that widespread testing is needed to get outbreaks of the new coronavirus under control. But in many regions, there’s a shortage of the chemicals needed to run diagnostics. In several countries, health officials have started using a strategy that was first proposed in the Second World War: group testing. By testing samples from many people at once, this method can save time, chemical reagents and money, say researchers.

- June 27, 2020

Here is why you need Tapestry

Designed to take the burden off researchers and enable faster, smarter and more efficient sample testing. Our easy-to-navigate platform does all the work so you can focus on what's important.

Simplified work flow in three steps


To start a new test, define your default test parameters to generate the pooling matrix and get started with pooling


The pooling matrix provides the sample pools to be tested. This matrix is available in two configurations as per your convenience and can be plugged into liquid-handling robots for ease of testing


Directly upload Ct values in the results sheet and get the sample-wise ct values in no time

Convenience and Assistance

Higher throughput and capacity beyond simple pooling

Using a combinatorial pooling strategy, Tapestry pooling allows testing a large number of samples in fewer tests. Our adaptable algorithm enables customisation of pooling schemes for large sample sizes suitable for robotics-assisted testing.

We organize, you test

The web app provides a user-friendly pooling matrix and guaranteed test result faster. Collaborate with your team and access your test records from one place.

Ongoing clinical trials

Tapestry pooling is being tested in more than 2000 clinical samples.

Better Performance

Tapestry Pooling substantially surpasses simple pooling methods in providing quick, easy and highly sensitive test results. Our web app, empowered by the Tapestry pooling algorithm, enables you to minimize time, energy and effort so that you can maximize testing. With Tapestry Pooling, you can do more with less!


Catches experimental errors

Each sample is tested thrice, reducing errors in prediction and ensuring very high sensitivity

Combinatorial pooling ensures you don't miss any experimental errors

Adaptive protocol

Graceful failure mode

Prevalence rate, sample size and experimental set up can be customized

For prevalence even higher than testing capacity, Tapestry pooling maintains sensitivity with almost no false negatives

Advantages over Simple Pooling

Tapestry Pooling

Single round of testing with each sample tested at least thrice

Viable up to 15% prevalence

Saving 10x at 1% prevalence viral load

Simple Pooling

Two rounds of testing

Viable up to 6% prevalence

Saving at most 5x

More results per test

Use our web app to speed up testing using your existing resources. Let us help you set it up!


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The COVID-19 pandemic has strained testing capabilities worldwide. There is an urgent need to find economical and scalable ways to test more people. We present Tapestry, a novel quantitative nonadaptive pooling scheme to test many samples using only a few tests. 


We propose Tapestry, a novel approach to pooled testing with application to COVID-19 testing with quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) that can result in shorter testing time and conservation of reagents and testing kits.

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