Tapestry Pooling

COVID-19 Testing for Secure Campuses

  • Affordably test everyone every week with the gold-standard RT-qPCR test

  • Safely reopen schools, colleges, offices, factories, and places of commerce

  • Ensure and assure the safety of all persons on campus

  • Detect new outbreaks early and avoid lockdown

  • Award-winning, Internationally-validated, Field-tested

The campus of IIIT Hyderabad has been an early adopter of Tapestry Pooling. They have deployed weekly screening for all people on campus since early February. The campus has successfully managed to identify and check potential outbreaks, enabling gradual reopening of the campus. This has happened in the midst of an unprecedented increase in cases in the neighborhood. For comparison, other similar campuses have discovered more than 100 positive cases among students in their hostels, forcing them to take very drastic shutdown and quarantine measures.

Tapestry Pooling is the testing technology being deployed as part of the Campus Rakshak initiative of the Department of Science & Technology to help campuses reopen.

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How it works

  • Novel single-round Algorithmic Pooling scheme

  • Quantitative results for every sample

  • Every sample tested at least thrice

  • Tests are done in accredited testing labs

  • Every sample included in multiple pools

  • Each pool is RT-qPCR tested

  • Pool results fed into the patented Tapestry recovery algorithm

  • Algorithm solves and obtains results for every sample

  • Validated to be concordant with individual RT-qPCR testing

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Protocol gif of Tapestry Pooling technique
Tapestry Pooling, Group testing, effective, cheap and fast

Single-Round Pooling for Higher Throughput

More Results per Test

Save Time, Effort, Kits, PPE, Money, Lives

Web App Guidance

Easy and Fast Pooling

Pooling Kit Provided 

Tapestry Pooling, user-friendly, guaranteed result faster, we orgainze, you test
Tapestry Pooling, user-friendly, guaranteed result faster, we orgainze, you test

Validated and Field Tested

>8000 Samples

Agnostic to kits, machines

Large-Scale Testing for SARS-CoV-2 using Tapestry Pooling

Robust COVID-19 testing

Confirmed Positives

with Triplicate Testing

Catches experimental errors

Detects Experimental Errors

Group 22.png

Customizable Batch Size
Hardware and Kit Agnostic

Group 23.png

Ct Value per gene

for positive samples


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Nature Publication, COVID-19, Tapestry Pooling

- May 02, 2020

- May 07, 2020

-May 07, 2020

- May 16, 2020

- July 10, 2020

- July, 2020

Scientists say that widespread testing is needed to get outbreaks of the new coronavirus under control. But in many regions, there’s a shortage of the chemicals needed to run diagnostics. In several countries, health officials have started using a strategy that was first proposed in the Second World War: group testing. By testing samples from many people at once, this method can save time, chemical reagents and money, say researchers.

- June 27, 2020


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The COVID-19 pandemic has strained testing capabilities worldwide. There is an urgent need to find economical and scalable ways to test more people. We present Tapestry, a novel quantitative nonadaptive pooling scheme to test many samples using only a few tests. 


We propose Tapestry, a novel approach to pooled testing with application to COVID-19 testing with quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) that can result in shorter testing time and conservation of reagents and testing kits.

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